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Today I am going to be telling you some easy ways to make income from home as a stay at home parent. This is especially helpful right now with the country on lock down from the Corona Virus / COVID19. I do want to mention, I am not getting paid to talk about any of these jobs. I will not make any money off of these jobs should you apply and get hired. Also, none of the positions mentioned in this video are multi level marketing positions.

If you would like to check out an extensive list of available work from home jobs, I recommend going to a website called FlexJobs. Here you can narrow down a search by your qualifications and skills to find something more specific to your career choice.

If you want to know more about what I do for a living and how I make a full time income working from home with 3 children 3 and under, stick around until the end. After reviewing all of these fantastic work from home jobs, I will break down how I sucessfully work from home and share my income with you.

Lets get started with some amazing oppertunities!

Data Entry

One of the most popular work from home options is data entry. Typically data entry can be done from home and on your own hours. Data entry has an average pay range of $35,000 a year. When I searched on the popular job sights such as Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder, I saw over 300 full time data entry jobs that were listed as remote or work from home. Some positions may require a degree, others won’t. Some may require you take phone calls. Search for your ideal data entry position and read the descriptions carefully. There might be something perfect out there for you!

Customer Service RepresentativeĀ 

This one is not so popular among stay at home parents because it requires much more full time attention than other jobs, however, there are SO many positions available and it can pay very well. It is not very difficult to find a job in the customer service field. Typically these job will require you to take customer phone calls. With that being said, if you work hard in this position there is always the opportunity to move up in the company and leave the phones behind. My husband actually works in customer service as a manager. It pays very well and provides a stable lifestyle. He works from home and gets to spend his break and lunch with his 3 little girls and his wife. It might not be the most luxurious job in the market but it makes ends meet and can keep you out of the office! Most of these positions do not require and type of degree.

Online Travel Agent

When I searched for online travel agent positions I was able to find over ONE THOUSAND positions available. That is crazy! I might even look into this one more for myself too! Online travel agents can make around $40,000 a year if working full time. Some of these travel agencies that I saw hiring candidates WITHOUT a degree are even on the top 300 jobs in America list! When searching for these positions I notices there were many full time and part time positions available as well as positions that required a degree and ones that did not.

Social Media Specialist

Ok so this is a fun one! If you are someone who knows a lot about social media and what the population is looking for, this one if for you! A social media specialist will run online social media accounts, check ads or create ads, review or create content, and so much more. Many of these positions do not require any degree. I found a lot of positions that paid $20+/hour. I found over 600 positions available in the United States and Canada.

Online Teaching

Online teaching is my absolute favorite. Probably because I rake in a lot of my income this way. If you are someone who likes to sleep 15 hours a night, this is probably not your gig. However, if you are someone who would love to wake up or go to bed a few hours early or late, then this is perfect. Paying over $20/hr, you can teach children in other countries and make $50-100 a day before your family is even out of bed! Recently, laws required these position to be filled with people who have obtained a degree in any subject. They also require experience with children(your own kids count!). These companies will train you on how to teach classes to ESL students. You make your own schedule and teach when you want. There are many options available. Personally, my two favorites are VIPKid and MagicEars.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing takes a lot of motivation and effort. It is not something you can start today and be living on your own private island by next week. You have to build a following or have a lot of people who are interested in your product recommendations. To successfully earn money from affiliate marketing you’ll need to sign up for accounts like the Amazon Affiliate program or make brand / partner deals with companies. You can review and recommend products to other people. If they buy the product then you will keep a portion of the revenue from the company. This is for sure a harder job to work towards but it is possible. I use affiliate marketing on my Youtube channel. You’ll see later that I still do not make a huge chunk of cash using this method. There are some people who run Facebook groups and do make thousands of dollars a month from this method.

Personal Shopper / Store Delivery

These one could be tricky depending on where you live and your situation. There are many companies such as InstaCart and Shipt that allow you to shop for customers and deliver their orders. I have has a lot of people tell me how much they love working these jobs. If you have children you can even bring them with you to shop and deliver. You do not have to have a degree or experience for these positions.

Food Delivery

I have had a lot of friend use companies such as DoorDash, GrubHub, and PostMates to supplement their income. These job let you pick up orders from different restaurants in the area and bring them to the person who ordered them. I have seen good and bad reviews on these jobs. It seems like the income and experiences very by where you live. You do not need any experience, however, I have been told you need a fairly clean driving record.

How Do I Do It?

I am asked a lot about how I successfully work from home. I work a few different jobs that work with my schedule.

As mentioned before, I love my job with VIPKID. I make $20/hour. I can work about 5 hours a day 3 days a week to make $1200/ month. My next job is from K12 online charter school. I work on a GED program and I teach a few technology courses. I am certified to teach so I was luck to fall into this rare find and I am so grateful. Doing this I make about $500 a month working 5 or so hours a week. I run my own YouTube channel. Never in a million years would I think that I would be making money off of YouTube. My ads on my channel make about $350 / month. The affiliate marketing on my channel makes about $150 a month. My only non work from home job is coaching. I coach 2-3 days a week. This is like my “get out of the house” time. I make about $200 / month through coaching. Over all I make around $2400 / month. This was similar to my over 40 hour a week job. Now I work about 20-5 hours a week and 75% of those hours are before my children wake up. This gives me almost my entire day to spend with my family and still make a full livable income. I wouldn’t change it for the world!


K12: $500

YouTube: $350

Affiliate Marketing: $150

Coaching: $200

Total: $2400 / Month

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Please let me know what you think of these positions. If you have other positions you know of please leave them in the comments for others to see. I hope you are able to find that perfect work from home job!

Please consider checking out both of my YouTube Channels for fun family vlogs and ways to work from home and market yourself for more income!

thank you so much for watching! I’ll see you in the next one!



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