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The BEST Chicken Fajita CrockPot Quesadillas

Ingredients:1 large chicken breast 2 bell peppers 1 white or yellow onion 1 taco seasoning packet 1 bag of Mexican or cheddar cheese 1 pack of large Tortillas 1/2 tbs of salt 1/4 tbs of pepper InstructionsIn a crock pot, add chicken to one side. next to the chicken add the peppers and onions. topContinue reading “The BEST Chicken Fajita CrockPot Quesadillas”

Positive Discipline – A Solution for Behavioral Issues in Toddlers

Well, let me tell you. I was never that person who looked at other people’s children and thought, “Wow, my kids will NEVER act like that.” I was that person who said, “Yeah, I know my kids are going to be like that, or worse.” You see, I was a difficult child and so wasContinue reading “Positive Discipline – A Solution for Behavioral Issues in Toddlers”

Work From Home Jobs YOU Can Do To Make An Amazing Income!

Hello Everyone, Welcome back! My name is Danie, if you are interested in how to make money from home, grow a YouTube channel, or market yourself so you can live the best free life possible , consider hitting that subscribe button to see more. Oh, and don’t forget to give this a big thumbs up!Continue reading “Work From Home Jobs YOU Can Do To Make An Amazing Income!”

How YOU Can Easily Start A Successful YouTube Channel | Step By Step For Beginners

Vlog channel: Personal channel: Hi Everyone, Welcome back! If you are new here! Welcome to my channel! My name is Danie. If you are interested in making a Youtube channel, work from home jobs, and how to make an easy livable income from your own couch, please consider subscribing! Today I am goingContinue reading “How YOU Can Easily Start A Successful YouTube Channel | Step By Step For Beginners”

My Favorite Products:

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Haakaa Breast Pump – The Best Breastfeeding Tool!

Well, let me just tell you about the most amazing product! Recently, I gave birth to my third daughter. I knew I was going to breastfeed. I always struggled with breastfeeding. I have inverted nipples, I have an undersupply, I had to pump full time. Pumping is always so hard, especially with 3 kids underContinue reading “Haakaa Breast Pump – The Best Breastfeeding Tool!”

6 Montessori At Home Meal Prep Sequence

There’s no lying in saying that Montessori learning is outstanding! Montessori aims to teach practical life skills while allowing the child to learn and grow at their own pace.  One of the more daunting processes is meal prep and cooking. I mean honestly, the though of your 18-month-old child waving a knife around it prettyContinue reading “6 Montessori At Home Meal Prep Sequence”