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We’ve discovered a work around in animal crossing to get unlimited tarantulas without going to tarantula island! Make 230k bells in less than an hour with this tip! Watch the tutorial below!

Work From Home Jobs YOU Can Do To Make An Amazing Income!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back! My name is Danie, if you are interested in how to make money from home, grow a YouTube channel, or market yourself so you can live the best free life possible , consider hitting that subscribe button to see more. Oh, and don’t forget to give this a big thumbs up!

Today I am going to be telling you some easy ways to make income from home as a stay at home parent. This is especially helpful right now with the country on lock down from the Corona Virus / COVID19. I do want to mention, I am not getting paid to talk about any of these jobs. I will not make any money off of these jobs should you apply and get hired. Also, none of the positions mentioned in this video are multi level marketing positions.

If you would like to check out an extensive list of available work from home jobs, I recommend going to a website called FlexJobs. Here you can narrow down a search by your qualifications and skills to find something more specific to your career choice.

If you want to know more about what I do for a living and how I make a full time income working from home with 3 children 3 and under, stick around until the end. After reviewing all of these fantastic work from home jobs, I will break down how I sucessfully work from home and share my income with you.

Lets get started with some amazing oppertunities!

Data Entry

One of the most popular work from home options is data entry. Typically data entry can be done from home and on your own hours. Data entry has an average pay range of $35,000 a year. When I searched on the popular job sights such as Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder, I saw over 300 full time data entry jobs that were listed as remote or work from home. Some positions may require a degree, others won’t. Some may require you take phone calls. Search for your ideal data entry position and read the descriptions carefully. There might be something perfect out there for you!

Customer Service Representative 

This one is not so popular among stay at home parents because it requires much more full time attention than other jobs, however, there are SO many positions available and it can pay very well. It is not very difficult to find a job in the customer service field. Typically these job will require you to take customer phone calls. With that being said, if you work hard in this position there is always the opportunity to move up in the company and leave the phones behind. My husband actually works in customer service as a manager. It pays very well and provides a stable lifestyle. He works from home and gets to spend his break and lunch with his 3 little girls and his wife. It might not be the most luxurious job in the market but it makes ends meet and can keep you out of the office! Most of these positions do not require and type of degree.

Online Travel Agent

When I searched for online travel agent positions I was able to find over ONE THOUSAND positions available. That is crazy! I might even look into this one more for myself too! Online travel agents can make around $40,000 a year if working full time. Some of these travel agencies that I saw hiring candidates WITHOUT a degree are even on the top 300 jobs in America list! When searching for these positions I notices there were many full time and part time positions available as well as positions that required a degree and ones that did not.

Social Media Specialist

Ok so this is a fun one! If you are someone who knows a lot about social media and what the population is looking for, this one if for you! A social media specialist will run online social media accounts, check ads or create ads, review or create content, and so much more. Many of these positions do not require any degree. I found a lot of positions that paid $20+/hour. I found over 600 positions available in the United States and Canada.

Online Teaching

Online teaching is my absolute favorite. Probably because I rake in a lot of my income this way. If you are someone who likes to sleep 15 hours a night, this is probably not your gig. However, if you are someone who would love to wake up or go to bed a few hours early or late, then this is perfect. Paying over $20/hr, you can teach children in other countries and make $50-100 a day before your family is even out of bed! Recently, laws required these position to be filled with people who have obtained a degree in any subject. They also require experience with children(your own kids count!). These companies will train you on how to teach classes to ESL students. You make your own schedule and teach when you want. There are many options available. Personally, my two favorites are VIPKid and MagicEars.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing takes a lot of motivation and effort. It is not something you can start today and be living on your own private island by next week. You have to build a following or have a lot of people who are interested in your product recommendations. To successfully earn money from affiliate marketing you’ll need to sign up for accounts like the Amazon Affiliate program or make brand / partner deals with companies. You can review and recommend products to other people. If they buy the product then you will keep a portion of the revenue from the company. This is for sure a harder job to work towards but it is possible. I use affiliate marketing on my Youtube channel. You’ll see later that I still do not make a huge chunk of cash using this method. There are some people who run Facebook groups and do make thousands of dollars a month from this method.

Personal Shopper / Store Delivery

These one could be tricky depending on where you live and your situation. There are many companies such as InstaCart and Shipt that allow you to shop for customers and deliver their orders. I have has a lot of people tell me how much they love working these jobs. If you have children you can even bring them with you to shop and deliver. You do not have to have a degree or experience for these positions.

Food Delivery

I have had a lot of friend use companies such as DoorDash, GrubHub, and PostMates to supplement their income. These job let you pick up orders from different restaurants in the area and bring them to the person who ordered them. I have seen good and bad reviews on these jobs. It seems like the income and experiences very by where you live. You do not need any experience, however, I have been told you need a fairly clean driving record.

How Do I Do It?

I am asked a lot about how I successfully work from home. I work a few different jobs that work with my schedule.

As mentioned before, I love my job with VIPKID. I make $20/hour. I can work about 5 hours a day 3 days a week to make $1200/ month. My next job is from K12 online charter school. I work on a GED program and I teach a few technology courses. I am certified to teach so I was luck to fall into this rare find and I am so grateful. Doing this I make about $500 a month working 5 or so hours a week. I run my own YouTube channel. Never in a million years would I think that I would be making money off of YouTube. My ads on my channel make about $350 / month. The affiliate marketing on my channel makes about $150 a month. My only non work from home job is coaching. I coach 2-3 days a week. This is like my “get out of the house” time. I make about $200 / month through coaching. Over all I make around $2400 / month. This was similar to my over 40 hour a week job. Now I work about 20-5 hours a week and 75% of those hours are before my children wake up. This gives me almost my entire day to spend with my family and still make a full livable income. I wouldn’t change it for the world!


K12: $500

YouTube: $350

Affiliate Marketing: $150

Coaching: $200

Total: $2400 / Month

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Please let me know what you think of these positions. If you have other positions you know of please leave them in the comments for others to see. I hope you are able to find that perfect work from home job!

Please consider checking out both of my YouTube Channels for fun family vlogs and ways to work from home and market yourself for more income!

thank you so much for watching! I’ll see you in the next one!



Danie and Danny

Danielle Rhoads

How YOU Can Easily Start A Successful YouTube Channel | Step By Step For Beginners

Vlog channel: youtube.com/DanieDanny22

Personal channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB4daUO5sZ_zGqq5C_YHHBw

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back! If you are new here! Welcome to my channel! My name is Danie. If you are interested in making a Youtube channel, work from home jobs, and how to make an easy livable income from your own couch, please consider subscribing!

Today I am going to show you my step by step process for starting a Youtube channel. I know for me, I had no idea what I was doing when I started my first channel. I wanted to document my life for myself and my children and didn’t do much research when I started the channel. If done properly, Youtube can become a full-time career. Like I mentioned, this was not my intention, but for many, it is. It is important to start off on the right foot and have an idea of what you need to do before launching a channel. I will also list any products I mention in the description box.

So now lets dive into the step by step details.

Step 1: Decide on a topic for your channel. 

It’s not a surprise that some topics will perform better than others. However, it is important to pick a topic that is meaningful to you. If you are not passionate about a topic, your viewers will know. Your motivation and love for a topic radiates through the camera. You want to be passionate and motivated about this topic because you’ll be making a lot of videos revolving around this one single topic.  People will come to your channel because of this topic, so make sure you stick to this topic. If someone subscribes to you because you share a lot of cooking tips and then you upload a gaming video, your audience will become confused and won’t stick around for more videos. If you can’t seem to decide on one topic, do some research. See how other channels are performing, see what is in demand and what isn’t.

Some popular topics to grow quickly include:

Makeup / Beauty
Product Reviews

The idea is to create binge-worthy content to start. Make a lot of videos on the same topic so people will continue to watch your content and then stick around for more.


Step 2: Outline Video Ideas | Brainstorming Future Videos

I always recommend starting a channel with 50-100 topic ideas. I know, this seems a bit intense. However, without ideas, there will be nothing to work with. It is a good idea to make a list before you start your channel. If you can only come up with 3-4 video ideas on a topic, maybe that isn’t going to be the right topic for your channel. This will let you know how many ideas you have and if you ever feel like you don’t know what to do next, you’ll have a large list of ideas to pick from. If you have a list of ideas, you can compare those ideas to similar ideas to see how they are performing. You can keep looking back at this list and pick the best ideas and topics that will perform successfully at that given time.


Step 3: Picking out equipment.

Woohoo! We have found our topic and ideas, now we need to start filming! Trust me, you do not need anything fancy! If you are delivering top of the line content, you do not need a $2k camera and equipment. Maybe someday when your channel takes off, but for now, you can actually get started with just your phone! My BIGGEST tip for any recording device is to focus on your lighting and staging. Lighting has a huge impact on the quality of your video. My tip for this is to purchase photography lights, selfie lights, and/or use a lot of natural light. Research shows that lighting in videos actually has a significant impact on people subscribing to your channel. One tip is to replace any lighting in your house with the brightest LED Daylight bulbs you can find. One easy tool is to buy a tree light or a light with many arms. You can adjust the arms of the light to change the lighting effects wherever you are recording. Start small, do what you can to get started. After your channel starts to grow, invest in some more pricy equipment.

If you only have a phone to work with, research so editing apps on your phone. There are many great apps to edit with. Also, consider downloading the YouTube app and the YouTube Studio app. Both of these are must-haves!


Step 4: Scheduling Uploads

Several people have stated that they see an increase in views and subscribe retention when they upload on a set schedule. Finding a schedule is important. It lets your audience know when they can expect to see content from your channel. They will come back to your channel during those times to see your new content. However, there is more to it than just saying “I am going to upload every Friday”. You should find times to schedule when you will make and edit these videos. If you say you will upload every Friday, that’s great, but what if Friday comes around and you forgot to make your video? There is more to creating a good video than sitting down in front of a camera and talking about something. You need to create the idea, brainstorm the topic, make a script, set up the video, edit, make a thumbnail, write a description, schedule the upload, and so on. So for example, this video you are watching now took more than one day to create. I researched this topic, I wrote a script and brainstormed my ideas, I will spend hours recording, editing, and making a thumbnail. It is not something I just sat down and busted out in an hour. Great content takes time. Remember quality is most important. Do not lower your quality for quantity. If one video a week is what you can do, then stick to that.

Step 5: Creating and Design a Channel

We now have some amazing video ideas! So now we need a channel to upload the videos to. If you have a Gmail account it is very easy! If you do not have a Gmail account, go ahead and create one. Once you have that, you can log into YouTube and click to create a channel. The steps are straight forward and it’ll be set up in no time.

There are a few important things to do once your channel is live. You will want to create channel art such as the channel profile picture and the channel banner. These two things help the viewer identify with you. They can see your picture or what your channel is about. Channel art can have a large impact on retaining your audience.

You will also want to fill out your channel description and the “about” section. This helps make your channel let more professional and tells the subscriber will be more motivated to subscribe.

Step 6: Film and Edit Your Videos

Filing your first video can be intimidating and awkward at first. This is totally normal. It is part of the process. Remember to speak slowly and clearly. Use a script if needed.

After you have finished filing, you will want to import your videos into an editing software. I use Adobe Premier. This program is pricy. I didn’t start with this program. I started with a free program like Windows Movie Maker. If you go to Amazon you can see a lot of great programs and some even offer free trials. iMovie for Mac has a free version as well as Windows Movie Maker on Windows. Editing can take a long time, but it is an important step and will get easier as you go. If you have one long video that needs to be edited, you can actually do this for free within YouTube as well.

Step7: Creating a title, thumbnail, description, and tags. 

The title and thumbnail are incredibly important. I cannot express how important these are. These two things are what motivated the viewer to click on your video. If the title and thumbnail are not attractive, the viewer will not want to look at your video.  Make a strong title with descriptive tags and words and a bright visual thumbnail.

To create a thumbnail, I use Canva. This is one of the easiest most effective ways I have found to create the perfect thumbnail. It is easier than using Photoshop or other programs and it is all done online. Canva offers a free and paid version of the app.

I also use TubeBuddy to help me create tags for my videos. This also has free and paid services. This program helps me find the most relevant tags for my topis.  Tags are important because they will help tell Youtube what your video is about and who to suggest the video to.

Creating a description can be daunting sometimes. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Anything you put in the description box can help increase the SEO of the video. It will also help people see what your video is about and you can link things such as your other social media platforms or items you might be recommending.

Step 8: Share, Comment, Like, Pin.

After you publish your video you want to immediately boost the statistics of the video. Go to the video and share it to all of your platforms. Next, like the video, post a comment to the video, and pin your comment or someone else’s comment. Doing these things logs and interaction within the YouTube algorithm. Doing this can help increase the success rate of your video. When you are starting out, everything helps. Ask friends and family to check out and like your video. Increasing the statistics of the video will help other people find your video. Just think about it, when you are looking for information you are more likely to click on a video with a lot of views vs a video with only 5 views.


Alright guys, now you are all set to go! Remember these steps and stay consistent. It can take a very long time to grow a channel. This isn’t something that will happen overnight. Try not to lose motivation and keep your passion for your topic. If you ever need any help or support, remember I am always a click away!

Thank you so much for following along. Please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and the like button. I will see you in the next one! Bye for now! As long as you are putting out high-quality meaningful videos you will see growth in your first 6-12 months!



Canva: http://www.canva.com/join/backpack-pestle-award 

TubeBuddy: https://www.tubebuddy.com/DanieAndDanny

Adobe Premiere: https://amzn.to/39mxQYq

Selfie Lights: https://amzn.to/38murYp

Umbrella Lights: https://amzn.to/2VJkBgu




Haakaa Breast Pump – The Best Breastfeeding Tool!

Well, let me just tell you about the most amazing product!

Recently, I gave birth to my third daughter. I knew I was going to breastfeed. I always struggled with breastfeeding. I have inverted nipples, I have an undersupply, I had to pump full time. Pumping is always so hard, especially with 3 kids under 3! Talk about chaos!

Thisimage1 (1) time around I really wanted to establish a good milk supply but I also wanted to work really hard to have my baby latch. This didn’t come easily. It took several visits to the lactation specialist and all kinds of crazy techniques. Getting a baby to latch with inverted nipples is a process. I had to wear a nipple shield. We had to pump a few ml of milk with an electric pump. We then put the milk into a feeding tube and connected the feeding tube under the nipple shield. Every time the baby would suck we would push milk through the feeding tube and into the shield. This lets the baby know she will get food when she sucks on the shield. It takes my body a while to have a let down which was very frustrating for my baby. She wants food and she wants it now! She doesn’t want to work for it. After weeks and weeks of trying, we finally established a latch. We even worked up to not using the shield at all. One of the reasons this was possible was because of the Haakaa. So, what is a Haakaa?

The Haakaa is a silicone pump attached to the breast that is not being nursed on. It collects the extra milk that may come out while nursing. For me, I would lose about  4oz or more of milk. It was terrible to watch that milk get soaked up in a pad. Then the Haakaa came along. What a lifesaver!! The Haakaa collected all of that extra milk. The Haakaa has suction to it so it continued to draw out even more milk! This was AMAZING! Check out how it works below!

Purchase a Haakaa:

Haaka 4oz: https://amzn.to/2RInuM4

Haaka 5oz: https://amzn.to/2u6WYDg


6 Montessori At Home Meal Prep Sequence

There’s no lying in saying that Montessori learning is outstanding! Montessori aims to teach practical life skills while allowing the child to learn and grow at their own pace.  One of the more daunting processes is meal prep and cooking. I mean honestly, the though of your 18-month-old child waving a knife around it pretty terrifying. It is important to keep in mind that your child will be using tools appropriate for their skill level, size, and age. My children are fine using full-size tools now, but previously they would need smaller “my size” tools and very VERY blunt knives. With that being said, let’s move on to the different sequences for meal preparation.

1. Slicing:

Slicing can be a very exciting activity for your little one. We started with bananas, very 71684770_444593106263776_5393480257980334080_nripe bananas to be exact. The riper the banana, the softer it is. Bananas are very easy to cut for children. There is a lot of space for them to hold the banana without getting to close to their fingers with the knife. The knife should easily glide through the banana and will help your child become successful much quicker than say, cutting and onion. Peeling vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and apples would also fall into this sequence. Be sure to supervise while using a peeler, these can be pretty scary and difficult sometimes!

2. Spreading72131055_439511756685487_5544162506886348800_n

Spreading is such a fun activity to do. My girls love peanut butter and jelly so we practice this sequence a lot! Spreading can be done with a variety of tools and resources. Things such as butter, peanut butter, and cream cheese are especially easy to work with. Your child can try spreading these foods onto bread, toast, crackers, and vegetables.

3. Making Food Without Heat

Now that your child has mastered the basics, try making meals that do not require heat! These types of things could include making sandwiches, making a smoothie, cracking nuts, making dips, making salad, using a melon baller to make fruit salad, grating cheese, squeezing fruit for juice, and crushing herbs. Trying to find foods your child is interested in may help motivate them to participate.

4. Making Food With Heat

It seems hard to imagine your 2-year-old cooking on the stove or putting food in an out of an oven! Trust me, I’ve been there! There are some easier foods to make than others, for 71485632_248007346106302_7745463778732408832_nexample, you could make applesauce in a crockpot or bread in a bread maker. Maybe have your child prepare a soup. Cookies, brownies, and other sweet snacks are always a hit in this house!

5. Cooking With a Recipe

This method is great for students learning math and fractions. You can use recipe cards and visuals to help your child understand how to recreate a recipe. You can incorporate 71931306_2974377049245425_2458117080373788672_nmath while measuring if your child is up to that level. If not, simply following directions and hands-on learning will work miles for any child!

6. Create a New Recipe

This part of the sequence can take some extra prep and patience. Here you will let your child create their own recipe. Allow your child to pick their resources. Document the recipe and ask questions as they go. The recipe may or may not turn out well in the end. This is a good learning process for trial and error and allows your child to have the freedom of creativity and 71384556_552587095498134_2108746530503524352_nexperimentation.

Being patient with your child is the key to success. Understanding there will be a mess, it will take longer, and things may not work our quite right is the mindset needed to practice meal prep sequencing. The long effects of these activities are much larger than the little setbacks that may happen along the way. Be encouraging to your child and allow them to have the space to learn and grow without fear of mistakes or messing up!

For more Montessori resources please considering following my blog and find me on Youtube!


Day In The Life – Mom of 3 Under 3!

Well, well, well. A mom of 3 under 3. What could this life be like? Do toy want to know?! I am going to tell you! If you want to watch, find us on YouTube! I will link the video!


A typical day for me starts by getting up at 3am! Ouch! This is crazy early! I typically get up at this time to pump for the baby. If I don’t I will be hurting. She doesn’t usually eat at this time so this milk will go into storage.

For today’s DITL, it is a Saturday. So this day will be much different than a weekday! During the week I teach in special education at a local elementary school.

Arbonne Fizz Stick

Before I really get started on my day, I am making a drink by Arbonne. This drink is the pomegranate fizz stick. It gives you all of the energy without any of the coffee, haha!

Today my day starts with teaching for VIP

VIPKID Dino Doll

KID. I will teach from about 6am – 8am. This is enough time to get in about 3-4 classes. It might be exhausting some days, but I made $40 before my kids wake up! I can’t complain. If you have any questions please let me know. You can also apply here!

After I am done working I will begin making breakfast. The kids were already awake when I came upstairs and my husband got them out of bed and ready for the day. I almost always make a large breakfast on the weekends. I love to make a full breakfast. I feel like it sets us off on the right foot. We start by eating as a family, the kids are happy and full. To me, it makes a difference.

We like to use a Montessori style of learning and playing. This allows our children the freedom to learn and grow. They pick their own toys from a rotation of toys. They know they are required to put their toys away before picking a new toy. Montessori has so

Montessori Play

many amazing qualities. Make sure you follow along to find out more!

Next, its time for lunch. It’s not the best quality meal, but the girls were begging for Lunchables. Lovely. They are happy and that is all that matters! After lunch is nap time. Kaylee will nap for a few hours, Maddie will not. The baby is hit or miss, it depends on when she gets up and how much she eats. I will pump around this time if I feel like I need to.

During nap time Maddie will be doing some educational activities with dad while mom takes a shower and paints her nails. I like to use Color Street nail strips. They are super easy to apply and have no drying time. They usually last me about 2 weeks before I have to change them again. I highly recommend them! The baby will play on the playmat I made for her.  During nap, we like to have a small snack. Today we made milkshakes!

After the nap, we’re off to the pet store. We are looking to see which animals the girls

At the Pet Store

like. We want to get them a pet for Christmas. We will probably get a fish, but the girls loved the birds and hamsters.

We decided to pick up dinner on the way home. We love this little Mexican place in town. It is seriously the best. We brought it home! The girls enjoy eating rice and chips. They asked for hotdogs as well.

After dinner, we have a dance party! Kaylee has been into dancing! She really likes the new readingabook.JPGdance video on Disney JR. We usually dance before we start our bedtime routine.

Our bedtime routine starts by reading a few books. We will read together before going to our rooms. The girls like to read and brush their teeth. Once they go to bed we will sing a few songs. They really like singing songs about going to the potty!

After all of this, it’s time to pump one last time. The baby went to sleep and I don’t think she will wake up to eat. So I am going to pump and go to bed!

Thanks so much for reading about my day! Please consider finding us on YouTube!

DIY Octahedron Mobile – At Home Montessori Education

Wow! 6 weeks old! I cannot believe my baby is 6 weeks old already! You know what that means? It is time to move on to the next Montessori Mobile!

Octahedron Mobile
DIY Octahedron Mobile

The next mobile in the Montessori Mobile Series is the Octahedron Mobile. The Octahedron mobile is for use around 6-16 weeks. It is certainly acceptable to use this mobile for as long as your child shows interest. If your child starts batting or playing with the mobile, it may be time to switch to the Gobbi Mobile, the third mobile in the series.

This mobile utilizes the octahedron shape. The shapes are made out of reflective paper. The paper I used is from Hobby Lobby. You can find this paper at most craft stores. I purchased paper with an adhesive backing. It is certainly up to you what you want to use. The reflective paper helps the infant see the shapes are 3D vs 2D like the Munari Mobile

This Mobile helps your infant with tracking and focus. This helps with the visual cortex. This helps your infant distinguish between colors. The previous mobile in the series was black and white. Your infant will now be discovering colors.

What You Will Need:

Download Resources Here

Reflective paper

Dowel Rods

Clear or White string


Hot glue or super glue

3 cutouts of the octahedron stencil

Picture reference

Octahedron Mobile DIY

Now Let’s Get Started

You can watch our DYI video or follow the instructions below!

The first thing you’ll want to do is cut out 3 of the octahedron stencils. You’ll need one for each color.

Next, attach the stencils to the back of the reflective paper and cut out the design. We used adhesive paper. If you do not have this, simply glue the stencil to the paper.

Next, fold the paper according to the stencil. Make sure to be as accurate as possible. Failing to make strong creases on the lines will result in the shape being distorted.

Next, glue along the folds to create the shape

Glue the string to the top of each shape

Attach the shapes to the dowel rods according to the reference guide. The sizes of the rod and string can change depending on how large you want your mobile to be.

You will have to move the objects back and forth until you’ve balanced them out properly. This can be frustrating so take your time.

Glue the strings in place.

Hang your mobile about 12 inches above your infant


Enjoy your mobile!

Please make sure to find us on our other platforms

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