6 Weeks Pregnant

It’s that time again. Allergies. Holy cow! Every pregnancy I get these awful horrible allergy symptoms. It is almost like having the flu or a really mise46277315_10156988882434674_2271180887968186368_nrable cold but with no relief. There aren’t many medications you can take to help. My prescription medications are not safe while pregnant. For now, I’ll have to manage.

There is no level of exhaustion like pregnancy exhaustion. I am telling you, if you have been pregnant you know what I’m talking about.  Not only am I pregnant, but I have a teething baby and a two-year-old who doesn’t sleep. My level of exhaustion is unreal this week!

I am hungry. So so hungry. Sometimes I am so hungry I make myself sick and then I don’t want to eat. Pregnancy can be weird sometimes. I don’t seem to have cravings but the one thing I LOVE that I absolutely cannot eat is Chipotle. This makes me sad.

That is really about it for week 6. Nothing crazy exciting is happening! Check back for more updates! Also, find us on YouTube!



Published by DanielleRhoads

Home School mom of 3 beautiful girls. Lover of baking and cooking. Living life to it fullest with a free spirit.

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