5 Weeks – Pregnancy Update

Here we are at 5 weeks! 34 more weeks to go! I will be induced early at 39 weeks and no later. So I get to skip out on one week of pregnancy! Trust me, I am not complaining about that. Not even a little.

5 weeks started some new and fun symptoms. Joy5 weeks. I am TIRED. Like drop dead, can’t get up, can’t open my eyes, EXHAUSTED. Yeah, that’s a common symptom at this point. So I can’t say I am surprised. I am also crazy hungry. I can eat a full meal and 10 minutes late feel like I haven’t eaten in a year. I am starting to pee more frequently. Especially at night. I get up at least 3-4 times in the middle of the night. Exciting stuff isn’t it. Sigh.

Baby is the size of an apple seed. Baby is going to double in size over the next week. But the end of week 5 baby’s heart has started to beat. You probably can’t see it in an ultrasound though. Some people are lucky and do see it this early. I will not have my first ultrasound until 9-10 weeks. The baby looks like a little tadpole right now. It’s amazing how much it will grow and change over the next few weeks. I’m astounded my body can even create one child, let alone 3!

I have been eating healthy and watching my diet. I have cut out all caffeine, soda, and as much sugar and salt as I can. I eat an avocado every single day. This is a great source of folic acid for brain development. I also eat a lot of spinach and eggs. I will make sure to share some of the recipes I have created while pregnant. I’m sure you would love them!

If you are interested in watching my update video please check out the link below!

Week 5 Update

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