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Haakaa Breast Pump – The Best Breastfeeding Tool!

Well, let me just tell you about the most amazing product!

Recently, I gave birth to my third daughter. I knew I was going to breastfeed. I always struggled with breastfeeding. I have inverted nipples, I have an undersupply, I had to pump full time. Pumping is always so hard, especially with 3 kids under 3! Talk about chaos!

Thisimage1 (1) time around I really wanted to establish a good milk supply but I also wanted to work really hard to have my baby latch. This didn’t come easily. It took several visits to the lactation specialist and all kinds of crazy techniques. Getting a baby to latch with inverted nipples is a process. I had to wear a nipple shield. We had to pump a few ml of milk with an electric pump. We then put the milk into a feeding tube and connected the feeding tube under the nipple shield. Every time the baby would suck we would push milk through the feeding tube and into the shield. This lets the baby know she will get food when she sucks on the shield. It takes my body a while to have a let down which was very frustrating for my baby. She wants food and she wants it now! She doesn’t want to work for it. After weeks and weeks of trying, we finally established a latch. We even worked up to not using the shield at all. One of the reasons this was possible was because of the Haakaa. So, what is a Haakaa?

The Haakaa is a silicone pump attached to the breast that is not being nursed on. It collects the extra milk that may come out while nursing. For me, I would lose about  4oz or more of milk. It was terrible to watch that milk get soaked up in a pad. Then the Haakaa came along. What a lifesaver!! The Haakaa collected all of that extra milk. The Haakaa has suction to it so it continued to draw out even more milk! This was AMAZING! Check out how it works below!

Purchase a Haakaa:

Haaka 4oz:

Haaka 5oz:

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