Day In The Life – Mom of 3 Under 3!

Well, well, well. A mom of 3 under 3. What could this life be like? Do toy want to know?! I am going to tell you! If you want to watch, find us on YouTube! I will link the video!


A typical day for me starts by getting up at 3am! Ouch! This is crazy early! I typically get up at this time to pump for the baby. If I don’t I will be hurting. She doesn’t usually eat at this time so this milk will go into storage.

For today’s DITL, it is a Saturday. So this day will be much different than a weekday! During the week I teach in special education at a local elementary school.

Arbonne Fizz Stick

Before I really get started on my day, I am making a drink by Arbonne. This drink is the pomegranate fizz stick. It gives you all of the energy without any of the coffee, haha!

Today my day starts with teaching for VIP

VIPKID Dino Doll

KID. I will teach from about 6am – 8am. This is enough time to get in about 3-4 classes. It might be exhausting some days, but I made $40 before my kids wake up! I can’t complain. If you have any questions please let me know. You can also apply here!

After I am done working I will begin making breakfast. The kids were already awake when I came upstairs and my husband got them out of bed and ready for the day. I almost always make a large breakfast on the weekends. I love to make a full breakfast. I feel like it sets us off on the right foot. We start by eating as a family, the kids are happy and full. To me, it makes a difference.

We like to use a Montessori style of learning and playing. This allows our children the freedom to learn and grow. They pick their own toys from a rotation of toys. They know they are required to put their toys away before picking a new toy. Montessori has so

Montessori Play

many amazing qualities. Make sure you follow along to find out more!

Next, its time for lunch. It’s not the best quality meal, but the girls were begging for Lunchables. Lovely. They are happy and that is all that matters! After lunch is nap time. Kaylee will nap for a few hours, Maddie will not. The baby is hit or miss, it depends on when she gets up and how much she eats. I will pump around this time if I feel like I need to.

During nap time Maddie will be doing some educational activities with dad while mom takes a shower and paints her nails. I like to use Color Street nail strips. They are super easy to apply and have no drying time. They usually last me about 2 weeks before I have to change them again. I highly recommend them! The baby will play on the playmat I made for her.  During nap, we like to have a small snack. Today we made milkshakes!

After the nap, we’re off to the pet store. We are looking to see which animals the girls

At the Pet Store

like. We want to get them a pet for Christmas. We will probably get a fish, but the girls loved the birds and hamsters.

We decided to pick up dinner on the way home. We love this little Mexican place in town. It is seriously the best. We brought it home! The girls enjoy eating rice and chips. They asked for hotdogs as well.

After dinner, we have a dance party! Kaylee has been into dancing! She really likes the new readingabook.JPGdance video on Disney JR. We usually dance before we start our bedtime routine.

Our bedtime routine starts by reading a few books. We will read together before going to our rooms. The girls like to read and brush their teeth. Once they go to bed we will sing a few songs. They really like singing songs about going to the potty!

After all of this, it’s time to pump one last time. The baby went to sleep and I don’t think she will wake up to eat. So I am going to pump and go to bed!

Thanks so much for reading about my day! Please consider finding us on YouTube!

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