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4 Weeks Pregnant!

Hey there everyone! I wanted to give everyone an update on the pregnancy! I am going to try to write a blog for each week of the pregnancy! If you want to keep up with the pregnancy but do not feel like reading, check out 4 weekmy update videos on YouTube!

So 4 weeks. What is there to say about this. I am not that far along yet. Baby is the size of a poppy seed. Super tiny! But growing! I feel ok so far. I haven’t been sick. I do pee a lot but nothing crazy, yet! I’ve been having heartburn and headaches. I mostly feel like myself. It was the same with my first two. I didn’t start feeling much until around 6-8 weeks in.

4 weeks3I have my first OBGYN visit on November 19th. I will be 8 weeks and 2 days. I do not think I will see the baby at this appointment. It is usually a 2+ week wait to get scheduled for an ultrasound.

I am anxious to see how things go this time around. Each pregnancy gets harder. I am considered high risk. I hope my body can hold up to another pregnancy!

Watch My Update Video!

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Home School mom of 3 beautiful girls. Lover of baking and cooking. Living life to it fullest with a free spirit.

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